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News about Faith Formation and COVID-19

Welcome to the Sacred Heart Faith Formation Program. The goal of our program is to provide children in our parish with the opportunity for spiritual growth through instruction, nurturing, and family involvement. In doing so the children and their families will deepen their relationship with God, enhance their sense of belonging to the Church community, and be called to share their gifts and talents with others whom they meet along their spiritual journey. Faith grows and develops over a lifetime. Learn to view the religious instruction of your children as the foundation of their Christian life. It is at the heart of their faith formation. The more you are involved in this process the stronger your child’s values and beliefs. The Faith Formation office is here to provide you and your children with tools and support so that the day to day quality of lived faith in your homes matures as your children grow.

Cecilia Bradley, Coordinator, Grades 1-5
Carol Tannehill, Coordinator, Grades 6-8

Special Education
No one is kept from religious education and the sacraments because of disability. We are blessed with a very dedicated core group of catechists who work hard to personalize the material to each individual child. The imagination and creativity of the catechists are reflected in the attractive and instructional material used by the children.

We are always in need of catechists and volunteers to help run our program successfully. If you feel you are able to share your talents with the faith formation program please contact us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our program and we would be honored to have you aboard. We always need hall monitors, office help, and catechists.